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Rita Snyder is a writer and editor who lives in sunny Southern California. She studied writing and film at the State University of New York, where she completed her literary studies.   After graduating, she worked as a video editing assistant for a small film company. She then worked as a freelancer for several years, both as an author and as a video editor. During this time, he wrote scripts and articles and published everything from short films to infomercials. A passionate lover of the English language can often be found by listening to podcasts on the Internet.

How to Choose an Espresso Machine

How to Choose a Fully Automatic Espresso MachineEspresso is quite easy to prepare when we have the right machine to do the job, high-quality coffee beans, and by maintaining a proper brew temperature. Choosing a fully automatic espresso machine could be a challenging job considering the variety of options found in the market nowadays.The following walk-through […]

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How to make a really good cup of drip coffee

How to make a really good cup of drip coffeeCoffee is extensively consumed by people over the past few decades. And if you love coffee, you must master the art of preparing the best drip coffee.There are two main methods of making brew drip coffee: with the help of a cone or drip coffee machine.A […]

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Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over [2019 UPDATED]

Best Coffee Grinder for Pour OverCoffee grinders nowadays have become an important part of kitchen appliances as using a coffee grinder not only saves time but also it provides a fresher tasting coffee. Coffee grinders come in various sizes, types and qualities but in this article, we will talk about best coffee grinders for pour […]

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keurig k250 plus vs k250: What’s The Difference?

Keurig k250 plus vs k250: What’s The DifferenceCoffee makers have gained popularity in recent times and also have become an important part of kitchen appliances. The benefit of using a coffee maker is that it saves not only time but also a brewed coffee gives you more health benefits than an instant coffee. So if we talk about Keurig,NameKeurig […]

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Best Automatic Espresso Machines 2019

Best Automatic Espresso Machines 2019There’s nothing more important than a delicious, hot cup of a coffee you get every morning. And if you’re a true coffee lover and wants various kind of coffee range from Americano to latte, then what you need is an espresso machine.    However, you’ll find two types of espresso machine […]

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KEURIG B145 VS B155NameKEURIG B145KEURIG B155 image Model​​​​​​B145B155Dimensions16.7 x 15 x 12.9 inches13.9 x 14 x 10.4 inchesColorBlack​​​​​BlackWeight14.85 pounds18 PoundsAuto Offyesyesbrewing cup size6, 8 and 10-ounces4,6, 8 And 10-OuncesCheck Price Check Latest Price Check Latest Price Coffee Machines are the cooking appliances which are used to brew coffee. Coffee Makers comes in various sizes, qualities […]

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