Breville ESP8XL vs. Delonghi EC680

Coffee makers are the appliances which are used to brew coffee. So if we talk about an espresso maker, it is a coffee maker in which coffee is brewed by forcing hot water through fine darkly roasted coffee beans.

 Using an espresso maker not only saves time but also you can explore different types of coffees which are popular in different parts of the world.


Breville ESP8XL

Delonghi EC680



Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma

Delonghi EC680 Dedica


Brushed stainless

Stainless steel


9.2 x 9 x 11.8 inches

15.8 x 15.8 x 15.0 inches

Pump Pressure

15 bar

15 bar

Water Tank Capacity

40.6 oz

35 oz

Cup Filters Included



Removable Drip Tray


Cup Warmer




Removable Water Tank


Water Level Indicator


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As coffee machines becoming popular in the market, more and more people are looking towards making it a permanent fixture in their homes. 

There are several brands in the market which are known for producing quality coffee maker. So if we talk about Delonghi and Breville, both of them are new brands in the world of coffee makers.

But we can't neglect any one of them as they both produce products having great quality and some amazing features.

 So in this article, we will make a comparison between Breville ESP8XL and Delonghi EC680 which will help you to choose one as per your need.

Know about Breville ESP8XL

If you are looking for a cafe like an espresso maker and budget is your big problem then Breville ESP8XL would be a perfect choice for your home.

 It has a great thermo-block pump that brews your espresso with 15 bars of pressure. It is made of Stainless steel which gives it a classy look. This product is compact as it only takes up a small floor area.

 With this product, you can easily use your favorite ground coffee, or you can use espresso capsules to make a great tasting espresso. This product has a huge 1-liter water tank, and it also includes an external water window to indicate the lower water level.

This product also has a dual wall filter for making the beautiful cream. This product is also very easy to clean with its removable drip tray and water tank. Apart from espresso, you can also make your favorite lattes and cappuccinos.



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    It Can Also Make Latte And Cappuccino.
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    It Is Lightweight If We Compare It To Other Coffee Makers.
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    You Can Also Use Coffee Grounds Or Capsules.
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    It Is Easy To Use And Clean.
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    It Doesn’t Make Hot Enough Beverages.
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    It Does Not Grind Coffee.

Know about Delonghi EC680

The DeLonghi Espresso maker is an attractive machine which is available in red or silver color. This product is the ideal coffee maker for those people who are looking to make a simple yet highly Flavorful barista-style espresso-based drinks. It is a 15-bar pump espresso machine with a beautiful sleek design.

 It has a thermoblock technology, so by which you’ll be able to brew the perfect cup of hot espresso in just 40 seconds. The machine has a manually controlled steam nozzle, which helps to make a rich and a creamy cappuccino.

There are three buttons on the top side of the machine which are also easy to operate. The first button is used when you want to make a single cup of coffee, and a double cup icon is used when you want to prepare two shots of the drink. 

The last icon can be used for heating water or for cleaning the pipe.



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    It Has A Large Reservoir And Compact Design Which Allows You For Simple Brewing.
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    It Has A Perfect Brewing Temperature For Espresso.
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    It Allows For Single And Double Shots.
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    Its Steam Wand Produces Rich Foam.
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    It Doesn't Include Any Non-Pressurized Baskets.
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    The Machine Is Somewhat Noisy.

Comparison: how they differ? 

Now we will compare this product on some of the parameters like price, feature, etc.. which will help you to choose a good option.

Weight and Design


Both of the products have a beautiful design. So if we talk about Breville ESP8XL, its dimensions are 9.5(W)×8.5(D)×11.8(H), and its weight is 13 lbs.

And if we talk about Delonghi EC680, its dimensions are 15.8 x 15.8 x 15.0, and its weight is 9.3 lbs. So if we talk about design, Dedica has a distinct slim and an oval-shaped design while the Breville ESP8XL maintains a squarish design.



Both of the products comes with some amazing features. So if we talk about Breville ESP8XL, it comes with a 15 bar pump system and the Thermoblock system which helps in maintaining a perfect temperature and creates finest Espresso drinks.

 It has a large 1-liter water tank, and it also comes with an external water window which indicates a lower water level. It also has dual wall filter which helps in making the beautiful cream.

And if we talk about Delonghi EC680, it has a manually controlled steam nozzle which helps to make a rich and creamy cappuccino. 

It also has a ThermoBlock Technology for Quick Water Heating in just 40 seconds. The Dedica can heat water to perfect boiling temperature as well as it has a multi coffee options features so by which you can easily prepare coffee or cappuccino from various angles.



It is one of the important factors you need to consider while purchasing any coffee maker. So if we talk about Delonghi EC680, it comes with a descaling indicator which lights up when it is time for you to clean up the water tank but Breville ESP8XL doesn't have this feature.

The Delonghi Dedica also comes with a free water hardness test kit which will help you in the descaling process.

Final Verdict

The answer is going to depend upon numbers of factors like the amount you want to spend and also on your taste. So if you want a coffee maker which offers some good features and at a good price, then you should go for Breville ESP8XL as it has very fewer limitations which can’t decide its negative outcome.

 If you want a coffee maker which offers some unique features, then you should go for Delonghi EC680 as it has some better features that are truly useful in creating your favorite coffee.

At last, it ultimately depends upon your choice and needs that which product is a suitable and perfect choice for your home.

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