Calphalon Vs. Cuisinart

If we talk about Calphalon and Cuisinart, both of them are well-known brands in the world of coffee makers, and also both of them are known for producing quality products. There are various similarities as well as some differences in both of them which makes these a great choice for any person.


Cuisinart Ss 700

Calphalon Electric 12-Cup.



10.2 x 13.5 x 12.1 inches

7.5 x 13.8 x 11.2 inches





7.85 pounds

8.2 pounds

Material Type






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 As a buyer, you always want to spend your money on a product having some excellent features and also having great quality. So in this article, we will make a comparison between Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffeemaker and Cuisinart Ss 700 Coffee Maker which will help you to choose one as per your need.

Know about Cuisinart Ss 700 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Ss 700 Coffee Maker is one that the best single serve coffee maker available in the market. Even though the Cuisinart SS-700 is designed to use K-Cup coffee cups, but you can also use any K-Cup alternative which is quite impressive.

It has a charcoal water filtration system which gives you a fresh and tasty cup of coffee each time. Like most of the single-cup coffee makers, Cuisinart also brews the coffee in less than one minute. Has an 80-ounce reservoir that's removable and also its reservoir is quite bigger if we compare it with other single serve coffee maker.

This product has many programmable options which enable you to customize its performance according to your wish. This product has a sturdy and meticulously designed which is quite perfect to be placed on your kitchen countertop. 



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    It Brews Coffee In Less Than A Minute, And Still It Produces Good-Tasting Coffee.
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    Its Large Capacity Water Reservoir Enables You To Brew Many Drinks
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    Its Controls Are Easy To Use And Program.
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    It Has A High-Quality Construction
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    Its Large Size Makes It A Bad Choice For Any Setting Where Space Is Limited
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    The Pump Which Is Used In This Coffee Maker Cannot Be Used With Water.

Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffeemaker

The Calphalon Quick Brew 12-Cup Coffeemaker will deliver a premium flavor of coffee in less time. This product seems to make better, hotter coffee that stays hotter longer. If also metal, thermal carafe so if glass carafes is your problem then you can consider this product.

The construction of this Calphalon is quite better than the other coffee makers in its price range. It also has a removable water tank with a handle so it will allow an easy fill at the sink.

The Calphalon carafe has a spring-loaded button in its lid so it will help to keep heat in the coffee maker once the carafe is removed. This product brews 10 cups of coffee in about 2 minutes. You can also customize your settings such as brew strength and 1 to 4 cup batch size etc.. which is quite helpful for any user.



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    It Has A Modern And A Beautiful Sleek Design.
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    It Makes Good Tasting Coffee That Is Quite Hot
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    Its Carafe Keeps Coffee Hotter Than Most Similar Carafes
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    It Is Easy To Use And Also It Has A Removable Water Reservoir
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    It Produces A Lot Of Steam So You Really Can't Have It Right Under A Counter.
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    It Is Quite Heavy, So It Is Difficult To Slide It Around The Counter

Comparison: how they differ?

Now we will compare this product on some of the parameters like size, feature, etc.. which will help you to choose a good option.



Both of the products have a simple and similar design, and also both of them are made up from top-of-the-line technology. So if we talk about Cuisinart SS-700, its stainless steel construction will ensure its durability for a longer period. Also, its BPA free plastic will ensure that all water, coffee, and other contents will always be safe and chemical free and if we talk about Calphalon it's dark stainless steel construction adds strength and ease of cleaning, and also most of the parts of this product are dishwasher safe.



Both of the products have different types of features. So if we talk about Cuisinart Ss 700, it has a built-in charcoal water filter which will help to keep the freshness of the water for a longer period also it has an attractive LED display which will help the user to read the instructions easily and also to customize the programs very easily. And if we talk about Calphalon coffee maker, it can be programmed for automatic brewing which is quite helpful for any user also its pause to pour feature will allow carafe to be removed during brewing as well as it also has a Bi-level control of brew strength.

Brewing time


Both of the products take almost the same time to brew a delicious cup of coffee. So if we talk about Cuisinart, it has a brewing time of approximately 46 seconds for an 8-ounce beverage.

So it means that you can easily get a good cup of coffee when you are short on time and if we talk about Calphalon, it brews 10 cups of coffee in about 2 minutes. It also has several brewing modes which are quite impressive.

Final Verdict

The answer is going to depend upon numbers of factors like the amount you want to spend and also on your taste. So if you want a coffee maker having an elegant design and an easy to use interface, then you can go for Cuisinart as it is a great choice for home and commercial purposes, but if you want a coffee maker having some unique features, then you should go for Calphalon coffee maker. So, at last, it completely depends upon your choice and needs that which product is a suitable and perfect choice for your home.

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