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Who doesn't want a long lasting, durable appliance at your place? Off course, it is the wish of every individual out there. However, the durability does not depend upon the quality of the unit you're using. 

It is upon you that how you maintain and take care of your coffee maker. If you regularly perform cleaning of the unit, then I bet you, it'll last for a longer period. 

Along with cleaning, descaling is another important factor that is important for your coffee maker. The scale is not a toxic substance, but it gets deposited if left unattended. Moreover, the development of scale also affects the performance of the coffee maker.

Keurig coffee brewing machines are one of the best kitchen appliance available in the sector. They offer convenience to the users and are very simple to use. 

So if you care about your Keurig coffee maker, and want to get most out of it then stay connected with us to know more. In this article, we'll be describing the cleaning and descaling process for the Keurig coffee makers.  


How To Clean and Descale Your Keurig Coffee Maker:-

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#Clean The Reservoir Tank and All Other Removable Parts:-

The first thing you're supposed to do is unplug your coffee maker, just to be safe that it doesn't harm the electronics.

After this, detach all the removable components of the coffee maker (such as the reservoir, drip tray, K-Cup holder) and place them to your kitchen sink.

Now wash all the parts with soapy water, in a similar manner you do with other dishes. Let the parts to get dry, meanwhile, wash the remaining parts accordingly.

Now take a wet cloth and wipe down the entire Keurig unit properly. The coffee maker can attract dust particles over its surface, so it's better to wipe them out with a cloth.

#Clean All The Sections and Crevices In Detail:-

You'll be requiring a small cleaning brush(or any toothbrush), and a pin to get this step done. Here, you'll be doing a detailed cleaning of all the remaining parts of your Keurig.

With time, small particles of stones or dirt may get build up in the crevices of the unit that affects its performance. So it's important to look over this issue.
Begin cleaning around the K-Cup holder with the help of cleaning brush. All the lost coffee grounds and dirt are build up here. If you've any problem with the vision, then please use a flashlight to continue.

Make use of normal water instead of soapy water, such that you won't experiment with the pure coffee taste. Once you're done with cleaning, take pins and examine the tiny holes in the K-Cups.

These holes allow the flow of water and coffee through it. Poke the pins through the holes to clear any blockage caused by dirt and debris.

#Time To Descale The Unit:-

# With the use of vinegar-

Most of the parts in your Keurig coffee maker are far away from your reach. Now, you cannot dismantle the entire machine to clean it. However, there's a way through which you can reach those parts of the unit. Vinegar (used in the kitchen) is an acidic solution which can be used to clear scale buildup in your Keurig, without harming the unit.

 Half fill the water reservoir with white vinegar and half with the fresh water. Assemble all the detached parts back in their place and run the machine with normal settings. Keep adding the vinegar solution until it is completely gone. This will help the machine in getting rid of the scale.

If any clog occurs in between the descaling process, then use pins to poke the holes. This would dislodge the particle (dirt) that is being trapped. So if you want proper cleaning of your Keurig, then you must fill the reservoir half with vinegar and half with fresh water to perform descaling.

# With the use of Keurig Descaling Solution-

Keurig also sells its Descaling solution that you can buy from the market for about $8 to $15. Using this method for descaling is more convenient that even requires fewer efforts.

Also, if you want to work with the same brand product, then this one's for you. However, white vinegar is less costly and easy to find as compared with Keurig descaling solution.

 Moreover, this descaling solution makes use of citric acid and some users complaint about the lingering taste and smell. To perform the descaling process, follow the same method as done with white vinegar.

Apart from this, Keurig also has different cleaning products in the market such as rinse pods, and clean cups. But, we recommend users to go with vinegar as it is cheaper by price.

#Wash The Vinegar Flavor With Water:-

How many of you want the flavor of vinegar remaining in your Keurig? No one, I guess. So to wash out the taste of vinegar, fill the water reservoir with fresh water and run the machine again in normal settings.

This will flush out the flavor of vinegar completely from the unit. Keep the process active until the vinegar smell in gone. Once you're done with this process, you'll notice a growth in the performance of your Keurig and will get rid of the scale problems.
You can repeat this method on a regular basis to maintain the performance of your machine for a longer duration. Especially, if your Keurig experiences lots of action, then this is a must to do activity for you. You can perform descaling of the unit once in 3 or 6 months.

This depends upon the source of water you're using with the machine. If there's hard water, you've to perform descaling every 2-3 months and for soft water, 5-6 months would be ideal. Apart from this, if you've extreme scale problems, then we would recommend you to use filtered water instead of tap water.

Additional Tip :-

Some of the Keurig coffee makers comes with water filters included with them. This water filters are part of the water reservoir. So if your Keurig comes with any water filter, you've to replace the cartridge on regular intervals.

 This would improve the taste of coffee and would also lower the risk of developing clogs. So for better performance and convenience experience, you can follow this bonus tip.

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