Cuisinart SS-700 Vs SS-780: A Conclusive Comparison

Coffee is something very special for every individual existing on this planet. People love drinking coffee, and they simply can't begin the day without a cup of coffee. In this article, we'll be talking about two of the very popular coffee makers by the brand Cuisinart.

Cuisinart is an American-based company known for manufacturing high-quality home appliances. The company also manufactures various models of coffee makers who are very popular in the market.


Cuisinart SS-700

Cuisinart SS-780



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Initially, the company started their work by manufacturing food processors which were designed to reduce the overall cook time. While in the year 1998, the company launched their first automatic coffee brewing machine that changed the complete scenario of the coffee making process.

 Their gadgets came out to be very effective, reliable and efficient.

In this comparison, we've two of the Cuisinart coffee makers namely, SS-700 and SS-780 (also known as SS-780SA & SS-780PC). We'll look at both the models separately along with their pros and cons.

 Later on, we'll be mentioning various parameters and categories and would compare both the products. So if you're also interested in buying one out of the two, then stay joined with us.

Know About Cuisinart SS-700

In this segment, we'll be having a quick review of this Cuisinart appliance. This Cuisinart SS-700 is a Single Serve Coffee Brewing System that is versatile, programmable and reliable.

So if you're looking for a single cup coffee maker that can hold a large quantity of water, then this Cuisinart SS-780 is just a perfect choice for you. This coffee brewer also uses the very popular K-Cups which provides you a great variety of teas and coffees.

 It allows you to choose from a total of 250 different varieties of teas, coffee, and cocoa. This model is built with a super large 80 oz. Water reservoir tank which can hold about 10 cups of water without any issue. Being super large, you don't have to refill the tank again and again.

With this, it allows you to brew in 5 different cup sizes that range from 4-12 ounces. This programmable coffee brewing machine includes a backlit LCD screen that also has a digital clock and auto-off/on ability. You can control the entire unit from its control panel.

Overall, it's an excellent device that provides a lot of features and is a good choice for all the interested buyers.



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    The Brewing Time Is Very Less, Prepares Coffee In Less Than A Minute.
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    The Controls And Programs It Features Are Very Easy To Use.
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    It Comes With A User Manual Which Pretty Clear And Helpful.
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    Cuisinart Provides Good Customer Service.
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    It Is Bulky And Heavier Which Takes Much Space In Your Kitchen Counter.
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    Might Be An Expensive Option For Some Of The Users.

Know About Cuisinart SS-780

In this section, we'll be having a quick review of this Cuisinart gadget. This Cuisinart SS-780 is a single-serve coffee brewing system which is a good choice for all the interested buyers there.

The biggest plus of this unit is its water reservoir tank that has a huge capacity of 80-ounces. Along with this, it allows you to brew in five different cup size, one of those is ice beverage setting. It also includes a removable drip tray which is stable for a large variety of travel mugs.

 This unit has a fully programmable blue-black LCD control panel from where you can adjust your device. The control panel also includes a digital clock which is very useful. With this large variety, you can prepare not only gourmet coffee but also tea and hot cocoa.

Overall, it's a great appliance and will remain with you if maintained properly. So, this Cuisinart SS-780 can turn to be a good investment for all the users.



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    It Comes With A Replaceable Charcoal Water Filter.
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    The Automatic On/Off Feature Is Very Useful That Saves Energy And Money For You.
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    ? With The Help Of Temperature Control, You Can Adjust The Water Temperature.
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    Again, Cuisinart Provides Good Customer Service.
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    Its Performance With Hard Water Is Not Impressive At All.
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    The Internal Pump May Create Some Problems And Issues.


1.) Dimensions and Weight


This is the segment through which can you can determine that whether the appliance will fit your kitchen or not. Talking about Cuisinart SS-700, this model weighs 15.7 pounds and measures 10.2(length) x 13.5(width) x 12.1(height) inches.

While looking at Cuisinart SS-780, this model weighs 16.3 pounds and measures 16.3(length) x 14.8(width) x 13(height) inches. 

By looking at specifications, it is pretty clear that Cuisinart is a smaller unit and is compact. You'll face no issue while storing this unit.

2.) Aesthetics


This is another important category where you'll be knowing about the looks of both the models. This segment will let you know that whether this model will enhance the beauty of your kitchen or not. Both the models SS-700 and SS-780 looks almost identical and similar, and just they differ in their sizes and dimensions. Both the units have a boxy shape with contoured edges and coffees with silver touches around the body. At the front, they also include a square-shaped LCD-display along with three switches for brewing, rinsing and hot water.
Overall, both the models have the same design and look, so it's a tie here.

3.) Control Panel


This is the most important parameter to look for, as here you'll be knowing that whether your device is easy to use or not. Moreover, you'll also see various functions and features present in the control panel. One such feature is adjustable brew size. This feature allows you to brew coffee in different cup sizes.

The sizes are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 ounces. All these sizes are shown in the control panel with icons. Apart from this, the LCD control panel also shows the time, brewing temperature and has a programmable on/off feature.

Overall, both the models have the same LCD-display control panel, so it's a tie here.

4.) Water Tank and Filters


This is yet another important category that every buyer should look at. The quantity of the coffee and the quality of the coffee, both of them can be understood by using this segment. Both the models are equipped with 80 oz.

Water tank which can hold up to 10 cups of water. More capacity of water tank means you don't have to run again and again for refilling it. This is a large amount, so you don't have to worry about the capacity of the water tank.

 Both models also include a charcoal filter that keeps water purified throughout the brewing process. So you'll get a clean and safe cup of coffee with this units.

Overall, both the models uses same tank and charcoal filters, so it's a tie again here.

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