Common Myths About Your Keurig Coffee Makers

As of the current scenario, Keurig is a top name in the industry of coffee makers.

 You can easily find one of its coffee maker model in every other home or offices. There's nothing unique if you own a Keurig Coffee Maker.

 However, it is one of the amazing kitchen appliance available in the market. 

It serves you a hot and delicious cup of coffee every time you demand. Moreover, it does the job effectively in a limited time.

Unfortunately, the internet is loaded with many myths that are associated with Keurig Coffee Makers.

Some say that Keurig coffee brewing machines are full of bacterias and mold, BPA plastic, and other harmful stuff which is not suited for the human body. 

But is this the correct fact you're reading around the web? Yes, or No, that's something we are going to find in this article. So if you want to make your mind clear with this, then stay connected with us.

Myth No. One: Keurig Coffee Makers Are Uses Bacteria and Toxic Substances

This is one of the very common myths about Keurig coffee makers you've heard of. You might have watched various videos across the internet about this myth.

Might you think that is your Keurig coffee maker filled with bacteria and mold? We find a video on the youtube where a person was sharing his experience with Keurig coffee brewing machine.

He said his brewing system is six years old model. Further on, he showed that there's a build up of some dirt in the tubing. However, we find another video where a person was using the brewing system for the last three years.

He claimed that he perform a proper cleaning of the unit once in a month. And as a result, the unit remains with no bacteria and molds.

Keurig Coffee Brewing Systems Are Harmful To The Environment

This is another myth which is very popular among the buyers that having a Keurig Coffee Maker is harmful to the surroundings. However, when you order or purchase organic Compo-stable K-Cups, there's nothing serious and is not an issue at all.
As the name suggests, it is an organic substance which will not harm the environment. 

But, we've found many people saying that buying a Keurig Coffee Maker is not a good idea as it has to go to landfill one day. Personally speaking, I don't find any genuine logic behind this myth.
But if you believe over this, then you should be away from every other gadgets and appliance. After all, your refrigerator, mobile phones, televisions, and every other gadget will have to go landfill in the end.

Keurig Coffee Brewing Systems Are Made With The Help Of Toxic BPA Plastic Material:-

Again, we've found various websites promoting this balderdash fact about the coffee makers. We would like to make it clear right at the beginning of the segment that this myth is false and irrelevant.

For many years, the company has been releasing fully-compostable non-plastic K-Cups having organic coffee inside it. 

But if you're still not convinced that these K-Cups are organic and safe, then look for the following components from which K-Cups are prepared

Ring:- This component is made from renewable resources of the plants such as trees, and vegetable oils.

Mesh Filter:- It is again made of plant-based renewable resources, like vegetable oils, trees, and plant starch.
Lidding:- Again, made from the renewable resources of the plants such as wood pulps and paper.

Mother Bag:- Keurig, the brand says that all the packaging elements it includes should be either recyclable or compostable.

This Mother Bags are made from plant-based renewable resources like wood pulp and paper.

Final Words

There Is Always Something Good And Bad Associated With Anything. Myths Are Something, Which Is Not In Control Of Anyone. If One Said Something Bad About Anything, It Doesn't Take Much Time To Get Spread. 

We Don't Say That Keurig Coffee Brewing Machines Are Safe, But They Aren't That Bad How Various Bloggers Mention It. Coffee Makers Are One Of The Most Popular And Useful Kitchen Appliance Available In The Market.

 They Offer Great Convenience To All Its Users. So At Last, We Would Recommend You Not To Pay Attention To All Such Myths And Look For An Ideal Keurig Coffee Maker For Your Place. 

Last updated on July 6th, 2020 at 10:01 am

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