Keurig vs Standard Drip Coffee

Tons of food trends have been there in the past few decades, but Coffee remains the most popular drinking beverage all over the world. 

 Instead, it would not be wrong to say that, it has emerged as the best alternative to still water.

 Depending on the personal preference, there are a plethora of options to explore to get to the best possible coffee for the day.

 But before making any kind of choice, one must always prefer quality over the quantity if a cup of coffee is the only stress buster to rely on.

Advantages of K-Cup

Advantages of drip machine

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    Good range of coffees
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    Beverage always high quality
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    Speed and practicality
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    Consistently good cup of coffee
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    Consistently good cup of coffee
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    Much less expensive to buy and to use
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    More freedom to use whatever coffee you choose
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    No plastic waste, less polluting
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    Enjoyable ritual of preparing coffee
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    Much less expensive than Keurig
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    Less environmental impact

Today, we'll be comparing the two of the most versatile and popular coffee brewing methods: Keurig Coffee and Standard Drip Coffee!

For those who have no idea about how both things operate will inevitably mess up in the making of a correct choice.

Drip Coffee is an automated method of making coffee which can be modified in many ways as per the requirement of the person to produce differentiable products, whereas the Keurig brewing method is an instantaneous method which is specialised in creating a single serve of coffee, but worth the quality! Just to let you know, the coffee machines you've seen probably in those shopping malls are Keurig Brewers!.

Keurig Vs Standard Drip Coffee

The best thing I like about the Keurig Brewers is the variety and options it gives to a person, dozens of different permutations help one in choosing the best suitable for him.

 Plus, the other advantage you get with Keurig Brewers is it's spontaneity, producing a fantastic cup of coffee in a minute, accounting to the single serve. 

Plus it has a specific flavour depending on the type of K-cup you are using while operating it, which doesn't taste like the regular bland coffee, you get from the kinds of Standard Drip Coffee Brewers!

But for someone who prefers to take a change in the taste of the coffee, Standard Drip Coffee brewers are a much better option to go on with. Plus a big point you get with Standard Drip Coffee brewers is the affordability, which doesn't make a considerable change to your budget.

And of course, Standard Drip Coffee brewers are well known for producing much more servings than the Drip Coffee brewers.

The fact which makes Standard Drop coffee brewers sustain in the highly competitive coffee world is it's versatility with different machines, while Keurig Brewers are produced by a single company, but of course, then too there are many ways to brew it.

 Many people confuse the Keurig Coffee Brewers with the Instant Coffee Brewers, but that's the other way round, Keurig Coffee, in any sense is not an instant coffee.

  Instead, it is made from a pre-brewed dried out coffee, accounting for a little sour but lovely taste! The K-cups that comes up with the Keurig Brewers has a special filter in it, which ensures a clean cup of coffee without any kind of dirt chunk left over in it.

A little disadvantage with the Keurig Coffee Brewers is that most of it is sugar and taste is pre-determined by the K- CUp you are using in making the coffee, which is quite an unusual process, as with the Standard Drip Brewers, it's all pre-determined and you don't really need to do anything after coffee has been brewed.

 But of course, there are dozens of advantages over small disadvantages!

Concluding that part, if you start making a list of your priorities and start sorting the things as per your requirement, there is a high odd that you might end up your choice with the Keurig Coffee Brewers. But the reason Standard Drip Brewers remain the priority of most of the people even now is the time it takes to make a serving.

When you are dead tired, and impatiently waiting for a cup of coffee, waiting for a long does not seem like a good option. Hence the Standard Drip Coffee Brewer come handy at that moment.

 The quality you get with the standard drip brewers is worth the price, But I'd say this till I die, if you have enough patience to make a cup of coffee in few minutes, and the sufficing money to gamble on, you can go for a Keurig Coffee Brewer any day!

In the modern world of 21st century, where a large chunk of people remains self-dependent of their own, Keurig Brewers are a much better option than Standard Drip Coffee brewers.

Most of the people perceive a misconception in mind that they need to compromise on the taste to get an instant cup of coffee, but this does not hold good in any way with the Keurig Brewers.

The night owls who rely on a couple of cups of coffee in the nighttime might remain disappointed with Keurig Brewers, as it doesn't have a very high concentration of caffeine, while drip coffee brewers come up with a lot of caffeine which makes one stay awake the whole night with a cup of coffee! But of course, for someone who does not want to spend a bomb for a coffee making machine, Standard Drip Coffee Brewers are a much better and advanced option the Keurig Brewers!

Wrapping It Up

Till now, there have been various researches conducted to conclude the unhealthy effects of coffee on the human body, but all of them have failed miserably in their attempt as it is very much right till now that, Coffee has no negative impact on a human body if consumed within the limit.

 So when it comes to healthiness, every brewing method is as secure as the other one. So comparing the Keurig Coffee Brewers with the Standard Drip Coffee brewers doesn't make much sense here.

 In a nutshell, as of now, Drip Coffee brewers are a much better and advanced option than Standard Drip Coffee brewers for tons of reasons.

Standard Drip Brewers will always remain as the best default when you don't have access to Keurig Brewers for some purposes, but still, I'd say, go for a Keurig Coffee Brewer if you can!

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