Keurig K200 vs. K425

There's a feeling of joy, whenever someone hears the word ‘Coffee.’ Everyone loves coffee whether you're a single, couple or have a complete family.

We've seen many people looking around for cafes to have a cup of coffee. According to them, a delicious cup of coffee can only be found in popularly known cafes.

But what if we say that you can get the same taste of coffee at your home every time you wish.

Sounds strange, right. Well, if you want a hot cup of brewed coffee at your hands every morning, then all you've to do is just to look for a perfect coffee maker.


Keurig K200

Keurig K425









15 x 9 x 13.7 inches

15.7 x 15.2 x 12.6 inches


7.5 pounds

5 pounds

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But do you think that finding a perfect coffee maker is an easy task? If yes, then you're wrong. But don't just worry as we here will be comparing two of the very popular models by a same brand 'Keurig.’

Keurig is a popularly-known brand and is not dependent for any type of introduction. The company alone has about 50 different models of coffee makers who are very popular.

But in this article, our eyes will be on two of its models, called 'K200’ and 'K425’. We'll be looking at all there key differences over various parameters like design, features, performance, etc…. So without any delay, let's get started.

Know About Keurig K200:-This Keurig K200 is an affordable coffee maker machine which is highly compact and portable by size. Even though affordable and compact, it meets all the brewing requirements easily.

The machine is based on the company's latest 2.0 innovation which is one of the most advanced technology by the brand Keurig.

This model comes in a variety of vibrant colors which adds a spark of coolness over to your kitchen. Believe us, and this Keurig k200 is a perfect choice for a single person or small families. No doubt, it is compact but its features will surely be going to impress you.



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    It is lightweight and compact in design.
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    For more water purification, it comes with charcoal water filters.
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    It features a power saving mode, useful in saving energy.
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    It has a total of 9 different brew sizes.
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    It includes separate settings for hot chocolate and other beverages.
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    It takes extra time for preheating the appliance.
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    It don't features any temperature control settings.
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    Charcoal filters are not reusable.

Know About Keurig K425:-The Keurig K425 is an upgraded model which is also based on the company's 2.0 innovation. This model includes sine more additional features than K200 and can be treated as its successor.

This device is a simple and basic product of K400 series but believes us; it doesn't lack any feature or service. The model comes in five different cup sizes - from 4 oz. to 12 oz.

The model also has a touchscreen display which has separate settings for other beverages like tea, hot chocolate, and mochas. Overall, build with some really good features this model will surely grab your attention.



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    It'll brew a delicious cup of coffee in just less than a minute.
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    Auto turns on/off feature makes it an energy-efficient device.
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    This device offers you a total of 11 different brew sizes.
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    It comes with a large water reservoir tank.
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    High altitude setting allows you to brew coffee even in unfavorable conditions.
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    This coffee machine is slightly heavier by weight.
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    Its neelee performance is not up to mark.
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    It won't include any water filters.

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K200 VS K425


#Design:-Both these models, Keurig k200 and k425 are based on the company's latest innovation 2.0 and also uses the same technology. Talking about k200, it is a super lightweight model and is compact.

Being compact, you can carry it with yourself wherever you want. As told, this model is designed for a single person or small families. Due to this, the machine is incorporated with a smaller water reservoir tank of 40 oz. You can prepare about 3-4 cups of coffee without refilling the tank.

Talking about looks, the machine looks simply attractive as it comes with various color options. These colors will uplift the looks of your kitchen.

Looking at Keurig k425, this successor model is also available in a variety of colors, so no doubt there are good looking gadgets. This model is quite heavier and wider as compared to k200. Being wider, it comes with a huge 70 oz.

of water reservoir tank which can prepare coffee for many people. So no doubt, this model would be a perfect choice for larger families or office usage. This model has a colored touch screen display while k200 had a black and white display.

So these were all the differences among the twos under this segment.


#Customisation Options:-Keurig K200 and K425, both the machines are compatible with K-cups, so with both these, you'll have some choice of what you put inside the machine.

 This allows users to prepare different types of drinks, by refilling the k-cups. As told, k200 is designed to be simple and basic which allows users only to set the brew size from 4 ounces to 10 ounces. 

It toggles whether the coffee is strong or lite, whether your drink is coffee or any other. It has a control panel with pure simplicity, and due to this basic interface and limited features, most people like its coffee in a certain way.

While talking of k425, it has a completely different interface which is mostly based on the settings menu. It also includes many options like wallpaper, time and date settings, energy saver mode, water filter remainder, altitude adjustment, time to turn on, delay for auto turn off, better settings, and factory settings reset.

All these features allows users to have a more precise control over their brew, which they can't do with k200 model.


#Performance:-This is the most important segment of the article as performance is what that decides how great a brewer is. No matter how a brewer is designed or what it costs, what matters for users is performance.

The fact that the Keurig has designed k200 and k425 to deliver some extraordinary services to their users. There's no difference in their performance as both the models work with the same core mechanics.

But the presence of some extra features slightly blows the air for one device. As told Keurig k425 is a successor model that includes done additional features like energy saver mode, customizable clock, and auto on/off feature. 

Only one downgrade about this model, when compared with k200, is, it doesn't include any water filters. So it is doubtful that you get 100% pure water for your coffee.


#Price:-Price is an important factor which matters for many of you. Keurig has always tried to keep the price reasonable for their gadgets, and it's a proven fact that Keurig coffee makes are market leaders for this reason.

Same is valid for Keurig k200 and k425. The company offers a great price for both the models. No doubt, both the devices work with the same core machines, but k200 costs far less than k425.

The obvious reason for this is it includes some additional features and services that k200 lacks. Apart from this, price tag varies for different colors of both the models.

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