Keurig K400 VS K500

We don't think that we should begin this article by introducing the brand Keurig. It is a popularly-known brand when it comes to coffee makers.

 Keurig name is taken with full joy in the market. No doubt, it is one of the best available coffee maker brand available. 

Well, we are not blindly applauding Keurig name, but it really shows consistent and excellent performance and is also easy-to-use. Keurig 2.0 is the latest innovation by the brand, and both the models K400 and K500 lie under the category. 

Various models lie under this category, but our focus will be on K400 and K500.

So if you're planning to buy or confused among these two products, then e would suggest you read the whole content. In this article, firstly we'll know about both the models individually, along with their pros and cons.

 Later, we'll compare both of them at certain parameters. And we can strongly say that, once you read this content to you'll be in a comfortable position to choose one out of twos. So without any delay, let's get started.

#Know About Keurig K400:-

This Keurig K400 is coffee maker which is designed with latest 2.0 innovation from the company. The product is available in 9 different sizes which is a good thing. So you can opt for any model that meets up your need. Looking into specs, the product weighs 9.5 pounds and arrives with the dimensions of 10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches. Overall, it's a great option for the buyers and they should look after it.



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    The 2.4" color touch display is the coolest and biggest plus about this Keurig K400.
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    The model is available in large variety of sizes that begins from 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, . . . , 26oz and 30oz.
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    The model also features Temperature Control and Strength Control settings
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    The design looks good and is attractive.
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    It doesn't include Water Filter Kit.

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#Know About Keurig K500:-

Keurig K500 is another 2.0 Keurig coffee maker machine which is the fastest and quietest model available. Talking about design, the grey body looks cool in the kitchen counter, and this uplifts the view of the surrounding.

At the front, you get a color touchscreen panel and at the center there are easy coffee controls. As a single cup coffee maker, the models perform well and comes with lots and lots of features. 

Overall, it's a great iron for the interested buyers.



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    It is a super quick coffee maker; this advantages you for long-term use.
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    The device is super easy to use and prepares a whole pot of coffee by the push of one single button.
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    It is one of the quietest coffee maker available in the market.
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    You can use it freely with any coffee beans.
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    It only works with new Keurig-branded cups.
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    We don't find any temperature control option over the device.

Comparison: How They Differ?? :-

We'll compare both the models at very limited parameters. We don't want to create any kind of mess by comparing them to many factors. In this article, we'll look at the differences among both the models that will be based upon their design and features.

Design:-Regarding design, both the models Keurig K400 and K500 has many similarities. Both looks almost the same, are of the same size and has even the same weight, more or less.

Both the models are compact which allows you to place them anywhere you want. The size is too compact that you can even place it over a table or at the corner of your kitchen.

Both the models come with a colored digital touchscreen, but here we would like to tell you K500 had a bigger screen than K400. Looking at specs, K500 comes with 3.5”touch display, while K400 comes with 2.0”display. No doubt, the bigger screen allows you to read information more clearly.

Apart from this, Keurig K500 comes with a slightly bigger water reservoir when compared to K400. K500 has an 80 oz water reservoir, while the K400 model has 70 oz. This difference will not make a massive change, but this is roughly equal to one or two cups.

Features & Performance:-Looking at performance, both the models are capable of
brewing delicious coffee at the same rate. And after seeing this, we can say that both are fast machines for sure. In reality, both the models can serve you cups of coffee in less than 2 minutes.

Moreover, both the models are compatible with various K-Cup, K-Mug, and K-Carafe pods. All such are available in the market, which you can purchase as per your need.

Now its time to look at some of the differences between these two. So here, we would like you to tell you all that K500 shows some more convenient features than K400.

 It has a function of delivering hot water and cleaning brew, which you'll not find in the other one. These functions are non-existence in it, but you can use them by running a brew cycle without keeping any pod there. Apart from this, both include a programmable clock, but with Keurig K500, you can even set the wallpaper and night light.

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Final Verdict:-Look, there are some minors differences among both the products, which includes water tank capacity and
hot water feature. 

But this doesn't mean that you are very clear about your choice. Of the brand is offering more features, then it's obvious it'll charge more too. So it's all upon you to look and search for your needs and requirements, and then go with the single product. 

We here will not declare one model as a clear winner, as it would be unfair to the other one. Moreover, every buyer has its own choice and needs, so we leave this upon you to make a final call. But that's pretty sure, after reading this content you'll be knowing every thing about K400 and K500. And this will help you while comparing in between two.

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