Keurig K425 VS K475

Hundreds of coffee makers manufacturers promise powerful, reliable and high-performance device. They promote their products and claims for preparing delicious coffee making within a minute.

But believe us, not every such statement can be considered true as many companies manufacture low-quality coffee makers who are not good at all.


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While taking about
Keurig, it is a top-leading company that manufactures high-quality coffee makers which are reliable and has been top-selling models in the market. 

We've received a lot of praises for Keurig coffee makers and no doubt; they are awesome! The company has manufactured a variety of models, and their name can put you in a great mystery. Moreover, you'll just spot minute differences among its products. 

So you've to be very clear while opting over in between them. In this article, we'll be giving a detail led comparison in between two of the very popular models by the ​brand Keurig, called K425 and K475.

Both the models lie almost under the same price segment and are very effective for coffee making. So, if you're planning our confused among this two products, then stay connected to be clear and predictive. So without any delay, let's get started.

Know About Keurig K425:-

This Keurig K425 is one of the first coffee makers that offers a single cup and a whole carafe simultaneously. 

You can prepare a single cup or an entire carafe within just a minute with the help of this device. Apart from this, you can also brew other beverages like coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.



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    The device has an easy On/Off programming button.
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    By using strength and temperature control, you can adjust the taste.
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    It is compatible with many other brew sizes.
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    The device is made of plastic so from long last point of view, this doesn't convinced us.
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    No hot water on demand.

Know About Keurig K475:-

This Keurig K475 is one of the many 2.0 series brewers which allows you to perform various cool tasks. The product weighs 13.7 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 10.4 by 13.6 by 13.4 inches.

The brewer comes with some very interesting features that include Brew size settings strength control, language selection, high altitude setting, and temperature settings. Overall, it's a great gadget for kitchens.



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    The device comes with some great and varied customizations, so it is not just limited to ’just coffee.’
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    The temperature control adjustment settings have a five-degree threshold.
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    It comes with the K-Mug Vue and K-Carafe pods which are recyclable.
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    The autobrew option it has, works with the K-Carafe brew settings only.
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    You cannot interrupt the a brew cycle in the intervening time.

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Comparison: How They Differ

#Specs & Features:-Keurig coffee makers incorporate easy-to-use controls that come with single-serve pod brewing cups. The earlier Keurig models were designed to be simple by style, but they consist of various flaws too. 

However, the company has worked constantly to improve their products with the latest models.

Looking at K425 and K475, both the models are almost the same whether you talk about their aesthetics, functionality, and programmability. Both are capable of varying temperatures, settings, cup sizes, and programs.

● Dimensions:-Looking at dimensions, you'll not spot any minute difference here as both come by 10.4 x 13.4 x 13.6 inches. When you compare them from previous models, this two are bit larger a than them. But still, they'll hardly cover your counter space. Overall, both are good-sized devices.

● Programmability-Again in this segment, both the models are equally competitive. Both are highly programmable. Users will get variable temperature, brew-strength, altitude, timing, and energy saving modes with both the gadgets.

● Brew Sizes-Usually, traditional Keurig brewers make only one cup at a time, in about three sizes. Talking about K425 and K475, both the models have 11 potential brew sizes that include an optional carafe which is sold separately.

● Ease of clean-Keurig K425 and K475, both the models come with removable drip trays, so it becomes easy for users to clean it. Moreover, it also has a removable reservoir for easy refilling.

● Reservoir Capacity-Again in this segment, you'll not figure out any differences as both the models comes with a 70-ounces water reservoir tank. There are larger models available, but 70-ounce is considered as an ideal-size capacity.

It is pretty clear that spotting out differences among this two models is a difficult job. Both have almost the same specifications and are identical in every aspect. Both looks same, have the same backlighting, and even performs same.

#Aesthetics:-Even the early traditional Keurig models have a sleek and modern design which looks cool and uplifts the mood of your kitchen. While talking about newer models, they come with backlighting, night-light modes and are specially designed to provide superior brew sizes.

Apart from this, both the models are available in a variety of colors. This parameter doesn't matter for many, but colors adds a cool factor over to your kitchen's beauty. Also, the display screen is also large and vibrant, due to which it becomes easy for users to operate this gadget.

#Functionality:-In this segment, we'll discuss the important features and functions of both the models. Firstly, both the models come with a high-altitude setting that ensures that your coffee is properly heated and prepared. You can also program a daily brew time and amount which is a good function.

Do you require a strong coffee to begin your day? If yes, don't just worry as both Keurig models K425 and K475 are capable of doing that. Lastly, the 11 programmable brewing sizes will meet all the needs of you and everyone else. From strong coffee to huge cups of all-morning coffee, these Keurig models are self-sufficient of doing that.

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Final Verdict:-Looking at Keurig K425 and K475, both the models are same, except the water filter system. Both the models are good looking and has a decent appearance, that'll enhance the looks of your kitchen. They function good and just with a couple of add-ons, these models will surely replace the former coffee makers in your kitchen.

Both are good looking, functional, and highly programmable coffee makers that make delicious sips of coffee. Also, both come with a combination of k-cup flavors so that you can use them right away.

We'll not recommend one model out of these two as everyone had different choice and needs. So as always the final call is yours. But we hope that you'll be in comfortable position to choose one between these two after reading this comparison.

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