Keurig K55 VS K250: An Ultimate Comparison

How better you try, there will always be many phases when you commit mistakes in your life.

  But you can't commit a mistake while choosing a coffee maker for your place.

  So if you're looking to buy a coffee maker for you or your friends, then choosing a better brand than Keurig is nearly impossible.


Keurig K55

Keurig K250 









15.44 inches

15.44 inches


10 Pounds

4.76 Pounds


13.69 Inches

13.69 Inches


11.44 Inches

11.44 Inches

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But the reality is quite different as you are thinking. There are a huge number of models of coffee makers are present in the market, manufactured by Keurig.

 So you'll mess yourself while choosing a best one for your home. There are about 50 different coffee makers models available in the market by the Keurig name.

In this article, our eyes will be at two of the very popular models by the Keurig, called ‘K55’ and 'K250’. But whether it's K55 or K250, everything is about improvisation. The brand Keurig always tries to remove the fault from their previous models and to provide users, a better-improved model.

 So if you're planning to buy a product among these two, then stay connected with us. In this article, we'll be looking at differences between its design, performance, and features. So without any delay, let's get started.

Know About Keurig K55:-The Keurig K55 is a single cup coffee brewer that brews a delicious cup of coffee quickly. This model has a simple and straightforward design but prepares an easy and quick cup of coffee.

And believe us, Keurig K55 does it very well. Note that you don't mislead yourself with the word ‘simple,’ as this K55 comes with a list of features that puts it strong in the single serve coffee brewer market. With lots of features, affordable design, and simple design, it is one of most popular Keurig appliance.



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    This model comes with a reservoir that has a capacity of reserving 48oz water.
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    This model also features an Automatic Shut-Off feature, which saves electricity for you.
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    It is an affordable option for all those interested buyers having a limited budget.
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    You can enjoy light on brewing with this Keurig K55 single cup coffee maker.
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    It is compatible with K-Cups pods so that you can prepare coffee up to 10 ounces.
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    Time to time, there's deposit of calcium which needs to be descaled regularly.
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    Cleaning Keurig K55 is little difficult than usual.

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Know About Keurig K250:-The Keurig K250 is a slim and stylish coffee maker machine with the flexibility of brewing a cup or carafe by the press of one single button. It has got a compact design that fits your countertop and is available in different vibrant colors which adds a cool factor over to your kitchen.

It has a 40 oz. Large water reservoir tank which holds a great amount of water. Also, it has a two-inch touchscreen display for easy controls. You get an option to choose from 4 different cup sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12 oz. Overall, a must look product.



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    This Keurig K250 is equipped with two water filters in it. So you get the best of coffee every time
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    It has a large water reservoir. So you don't have to refill the tank again and again.
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    Along with k-cups pods, this model is also compatible with k-carafe or k-mugs pods.
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    You get both black and white touch screens here, so it will be easy for you to operate.
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    With this model, you can dispense the water just by only using the brewing handle.
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    It has some lacks in the carafe system.
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    You've to replace the water filters regularly.

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Comparison: How They Differ?


Features:-Both the models Keurig K55 and K250 have almost same features which you'll find in a single-cup coffee maker. Let us first talk about Keurig K55, this model has water filter feature and has four k-cup pods available.

The model comes with a 48 ounce super large reservoir water tank, so you don't have to engage yourself in refilling it. This model included an Automatic turn-off feature, with the help of which your device will be automatically switched off if you left it unattended for 2 hours. With this model, you cannot enjoy carafe as it doesn't support.

Looking at K250, this model has a 40 oz. Large water reservoir which is not more or equal to K55, but is considered ample. This model also has k-cups pods as that of k55, but additionally, it is also compatible with k-carafe. Apart from this, there are two water filters present in this unit which delivers coffee that tastes delicious.

So you can find that there's not much difference among both these models.


Design:-People have mixed response with the design. For some of them, it is important, while for some or doesn't matter. Let us first talk about Keurig K250, and this model has got a good shape and design which will elevate your kitchen view.

This model is available in 4 different brew size which is 6, 8, 10 and 12 oz. You can even enjoy carafe with this too. This model has a 2-inch touchscreen installed at the unit for easy readings.

You can even control the strength of your coffee with its strength controller. Moreover, if you don't have enough time for cleaning this device then don't just worry, as it comes with a water dispenser. 

Now its turn of K55 and trust us, this model is also a perfect choice for your kitchen. One thing which we didn't like about this model is, you've to descale it again and again. There's an automatic calcium deposit with this machine, and you need to fix it properly. This model looks good, but K250 was found to be sleeker than K55.


Performance:-You might have chosen Keurig as its models are convenient, reliable and trendy. Moreover, it adds a cool factor to your kitchen. Both the models are neck to neck when it comes to performance, but when you go with little more, then K250 is a clear winner. No doubt, this model suffers while serving carafe but apart from that, you'll have a great experience with this device. You can even enjoy ground coffee with this unit.


Price:-When it comes over price and affordability, Keurig K55 is a clear winner. Keurig K55 is available in the market with a price tag of $99, while K250 is available with price tag of about $170. 

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