Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 Review

Coffee is one of the most exotic drinks or beverage present in the world. And coffee maker is one of the most in-demand appliances present in the market.


Ninja CF091

Ninja CF092





Brew Types

Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty, Cafe Forte

Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty, Cafe Forte

Serving Size

Cup, XL Cup, Travel, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, Full Carafe

Cup, XL Cup, Travel, XL Multi-Serve, Half Carafe, Full Carafe


Built-In Hot & Cold Frother

Built-In Hot & Cold Frother

What’s Included

Measuring Scoop, Built-In Frother (20) Recipe Book

Measuring Scoop, Built-In Frother (20) Recipe Book, 50 oz. Coffee Ice Pitcher w/ Lid

Type of Carafe

Glass with warming plate


Permanent Filter



Integrated Scoop w/ Brewer Storage



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As of the current scenario, technology has a crucial role in every sector and department. From having a bath to preparing a cup of coffee, technology is growing every day, everywhere. 

One such use of technology is done with the coffee makers, a device that has completely changed the method of coffee making. The simplicity it offers, the versatility it offers, or the functions it offers, everything is simply the best. 

Just imagine the moment, when you wake up in the morning while a delicious cup of coffee is awaiting you in your kitchen.

What a peaceful moment that would be, right? But, this is possible if you own a programmable coffee brewing system at your place. 

Whenever there's talk of programmable coffee machine, one name that strikes the mind is ‘Ninja CF091’. In this article, our eyes will be straight over this durable and powerful device.

So if you are also interested to know more about this coffee maker, then stay connected with us.

Quick Words For Ninja CF091

For all those people who are unaware of this product, we would like to tell you that this Ninja CF091 is a programmable pod free single serve and carafe coffee maker. 

This model allows users to brew in six different brew sizes and comes with an inbuilt milk frother. This device uses advanced thermal flavor extraction technology for brewing delicious cups of coffee. 

This Ninja CF091 comes with some great and useful features that will boost your coffee making experience. It is available in extreme black color with stainless steel finishes over the body that looks premium. 

You don't have to wait for this device to heat up, all you've to do is press a single button to put your device into action.



Whenever there's talk of Ninja brand, people think of some incredible and beautiful gadgets. More than incredible, the features they offer are truly commendable. 

The same case will be with you if you own this Ninja CF091. It comes with some sleek and modern look that can blow your mind. 

This coffee maker is constructed from hardened black plastic and has faux chrome touches over it. It looks sturdy and is made of heavier parts.

So this is pretty clear that you need to have a large space at your kitchen counter to store this unit. 

   Also, it includes some glass material which is considered better for brewing. Don't just worry, as it is shipped in a proper packaging that'll have no damage to the glass.

This unit weighs 12.7 pounds and comes with the dimensions of 15 x 11.3 x 16.3 inches.

Features & Functions


1.)Five Different Brewing Modes:-This is one of the most important and useful functions of the Ninja CF091.

This model comes with five different brewing modes which provide more options and brewing styles to the users.

And this feature is super useful for those people who love different coffee types and taste. All the brewing modes are discussed below:-

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    Classic Brew Option- This Allows You To Brew A Smooth Cup Of Coffee With Balanced Flavors. It Is A Must To Use The Feature For All Your Who Loves Traditional Coffee.
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    Rich Brew Option-This One Is For Those Who Like Bold Flavored Coffee. You'll Be Getting Rich-Flavored And Classic Style Coffee With This Mode.
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    Over Ice Option- This Option Is Used To Prepare Ice Coffee. It Is A Very Useful Mode During Hot Summers. Moreover, It Is Very Easy To Use.
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    Café Forte Option- This Option Is For Full Body Ground. It Has One Exception That It Delivers 8 Ounces Of A Concentrated Mixture.
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    Specialty Brew Option- Using This Mode, You'll Be Able To Make Signature Drinks And Espresso Beverages Like Cappuccinos Or Lattes.

2.) Intelligent Warming Plate:- You must have heard about the warming Plate, but might be wondering that what is ‘intelligent’ there. According to Sharkninja, this warming plate can adjust the amount of heat which it provides to the carafe.

 It will depend on the quantity of coffee you are brewing and also the strength of the coffee. Moreover, the plate will be automatically turn off after 2 hours unless you press the Stay Warm function.

3.) Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology:-You might be confused by looking at this massive term. But there's nothing like that, as it aims to provide you a rich-flavored delicious cup of coffee.

What it does is manage the temperature, pre-infusion, and saturation parameters of the coffee and enhances the quality of its. Also, it heats water to an optimal temperature which is decided the brewing machine.

 Overall, you get a perfect cup of coffee where a crucial role is played by this technology.

4.) Built-In Frother:-This Ninja Bar CF091 coffee brewing system comes with an inbuilt frother which allows you to turn your normal coffee into a creamier and smoother coffee.

You can use this foamy texture to prepare a variety of coffee types. Moreover, this feature is very simple to use and even a beginner can use this by spending almost no time.

This is a feature which takes your coffee experience to the next level. Although, it is an amazing feature which will change your morning coffee experience.

Control Panel


This model comes with a user-friendly control panel which allows you to operate your device properly. Following are some of the mentioned programs and functions that you can use:-

Brewing modes- It includes Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Specialty, and Cafe Forte options.

Brew sizes- It includes Travel, Cup, XL Cup, Multi-Serve, Half, and Full size.

Indicators- It includes Clean, Drip Stop, and Pre-Heating options.

Buttons- It includes Stay Warm, Delay Brew, Clock Hour and Minutes, Power Save.

Programmable Digital Clock Timer.



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     It Is A Pod Free Single-Cup Brewing System Available For The Buyers.
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    The Coffee Produced Tastes Simply Amazing.
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    The Control Panel Is User-Friendly And Can Be Used Even By The Beginners.
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    The Stainless Steel Touches Over The Unit Make It Durable.
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    It Requires Lesser Coffee Grounds, So It Is A Money-Saving Option For The Buyers.
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    You've To Stop The Brewing Process Manually, As It Is Not Automatic.
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    If You Don't Use Warming Plate, Then Carafe Will Be Heated Only For One Hour.
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    The Big Size Of The Machine May Face Some Issues While Storing It.

Final Verdict:-Well, if you've read the above content carefully and is aware of the features that this device offers, then you must know that should you buy this gadget or not.

The device is good, looks great and performs perfectly. Moreover, it is easier to use, simple to install, and is highly durable. However, once you know this device completely, you'll never turn back and would love this gadget. 

This machine will offer you some fantastic and mind-blowing features. Overall, it's a great coffee brewing machine and must be own by every kitchen counter.

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