How to make a really good cup of drip coffee

Coffee is extensively consumed by people over the past few decades. And if you love coffee, you must master the art of preparing the best drip coffee.

There are two main methods of making brew drip coffee: with the help of a cone or drip coffee machine.

A perfect cup of drip coffee is the result of the right combination of personal techniques, choices, and accurate measurements of time and quantity. The water temperature, brewing time, and grind size must be correct.

The essential things required for drip coffee are


It is a necessary item for making drip coffee. Distilled water is usually preferred as it contains fewer minerals. Avoid the use of tap water, as the chemicals and minerals in it very geographically. It is good to filter the water before the process of brewing.

 Through filtering, one must be able to get rid of minerals like chlorine that impart strong odor and taste to your coffee.

Spring water often contains the right amount of required minerals. Chemically, the water must have a pH of about 7

The key ingredient

Coffee beans-A perfect cup of coffee is achieved by investing your resources in high-quality beans.

The aromatic flavors are trapped inside these beans and are brought out in grinding. Hence, invest in fresh-roasted whole beans that are of the highest quality.

A light to medium roast will be just enough to get the perfect cup, and if you wish to have a strong cup of coffee, highly roasted beans are preferred. Immense care should be taken during the extraction process.

This process brings out the hidden flavors as the hot water runs through the coffee beans.

The Grind-The grind size is also one of the determining qualities. Measurements are marked on the grinder for reference. If the grinder is too coarse, the water rushes down the grinder.

This leads to under-extraction and affects the taste of the coffee. It makes the coffee flat. Otherwise, in the case of over-extraction, the coffee gets bitter. The extraction time determines the strength of the coffee.

Coffee Grinder-The coffee powder must be as fresh as possible. It is preferred to grind the beans at home rather than purchasing.

This is due to the reason that the ground coffee loses all its aromatic oil in around 20-30 minutes after grinding. Hence, grinding must be done just before the brewing process to retain its aromatic flavors.

The grinding process increases the aroma of the coffee. Burr grinders are preferably used over blade grinders. It is advisable to invest in a good grinder for the best outcomes.

Brewing temperature and time-The aroma of the coffee is affected by the brewing temperature also.

The ideal brewing temperature lies between 190 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. An electric kettle is generally used at 205 degrees.

While using a French Press, the recommended brewing time is about 2-4 minutes.

The brewing time depends on the brewing type. For drip coffee, the regular brewing time is about 5-6 minutes.

Coffee maker-Even while using a manual dripper, one must be wise while selecting the product. Automatic drip coffee makers are in high demand due to their ability to control the time and measurement of the tasks.

Coffee to water ratio-Generally, two tablespoons of freshly ground coffee are added to 6 ounces of water. It is considered as the ‘Golden Ratio.’ For a stronger brew, the ratio of coffee can be increased.

 For people with a sensitive stomach, it is advisable to use one tablespoon of coffee to 6 six ounces of water. Also, it should be noted that some water escapes in the form of vapor during evaporation, hence add the required amount of water as necessary.

Cleaning and rinsing

For an auto-drip coffee maker, the pot must be cleaned thoroughly before using it. The warming plate often burns the coffee and makes it bitter, hence remove the pot from the heating plate and clean it.

A perfect ratio of vinegar and water can clean up the machine meticulously. The filter paper must be cleaned with cold water before the brew primes for filtration. 

Follow these simple steps for a perfect cup of drip coffee:

• Measure the required coffee to water ratio, as mentioned above. Usually, two tablespoons of coffee powder to 6 ounces of water do the work; you can add little more powder for a strong taste.

• For a sweeter cup of drip coffee, a light roast is required. A bitter taste can be achieved by coarser grinding.

• Add water at the end to reach the required temperature. Let the water to pass through the filter and allow it to settle down from boil for 30-45 seconds. Immerse the coffee grounds into the French Press.

• Saturate and make the ground even and steadily pour it to stir up the coffee grounds. Do not haste in closing the lid too early before it settles in.

• Before stirring, allow the water to be absorbed by the grounds for about 30 seconds. Use the back of the spoon to submerge any leftover grounds struck at the top layer and corners of the mixture.

• For the brewing part, allow the water to be extracted from grounds for 3 minutes at the maximum. The coffee gets sweet or sour if the time is less than 3 minutes. If the timer exceeds, coffee gets over-extracted and becomes bitter.

• To plunge, gently push the filter to the bottom. You should not apply high pressure; otherwise, the coffee tends to splash all over the place. The machine might also get damaged under extra pressure if it is delicate.

• As the cup tends to cool down, the flavor slowly changes. Hence, one cannot expect the same taste before and after pouring the coffee into the cup.

Make sure to maintain the right brew temperatures and grind sizes. With the right amount of ingredients and maintaining certain time limits, you can enjoy your perfect cup of brew drip coffee.

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