Top 5 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Automatic Espresso Machine

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you might be looking for a gadget that will provide you anything from an Americano to a latte, without putting many efforts. 

What you need to make it possible is an Espresso Machine for your home. But you don't have to spend money over espresso machine. You've to buy an ‘automatic espresso machine'. The difference between these two will tell you how much you're involved in the brewing process. 

Now, once you've bought an automatic espresso machine, you must have proper experience and idea to deal with it. Anyone can prepare a cup of coffee with the device, but not everyone can brew a quality cup of coffee with it.

  Here, you need some top tips that will help you in getting most out of your automatic espresso machine. In this article, we'll be looking at 5 of those tips which will be going to help you. So if you're interested in knowing more about this theme, then stay connected with us.

Don't Use Oily Espresso Beans With The Unit

Those espresso beans that appear to be greasy by texture (or slick by touch) are called oily espresso beans. This type of espresso beans is most common in dark-roasted or over-roasted espresso beans. 

Oily espresso beans can badly affect the working of your automatic espresso machine. One of the most typical issues found with the usage of oily beans starts with the integrated grinder of the unit.

The oily texture of the beans gets deposit inside the bean hopper of the machine and forms thick splashes. This oil is then moved to the unit’s burr grinders, through the brew unit. So this oily residue is passed and moved throughout the brewing system which clogs everything that comes in contact with it.

As a result, it can clog the brewing unit, and can even block the grinder. So to stay prevented from such situations, avoid using oily espresso beans.

Make Use Of Distilled Water and Filters

Minerals are present in the water. And due to this, there's a natural building up of scale in it. The easiest way through which you can reduce this build-up of scale can be done by reducing the number of minerals in the water.

And this can be achieved by using proper filters with your automatic espresso machine. Apart from this, users can also make use of distilled water (or filtered water) along with some amount of tap water mixed with it.

You now might be wondering why we asked you to add tap water. Water tank sensors present in automatic espresso machines use electric signals to detect the presence of ions in the water. This let the sensors to determine the amount of water present in the tank.

 But if you'll use distilled water along with few ounces of tap water, it'll be ensured that there are sufficient ions present and the sensors will work properly. Thoroughly, it will reduce the amount of scale that got build up.

You're Supposed To Descale It Regularly

Descaling the unit regularly is one of the most important things for the care of your espresso machine. As we've seen above, the building up of scale is a natural phenomenon that is caused due to the minerals present in water.

However, descaling the unit is an easy process with no complications involved. There are many espresso machines available in the market which are capable of monitoring the scale build-up in the unit over time. As a result, users get notified for the moment when descaling is required.

Now, different types of espresso machines have different ways to descale the unit. If you've Saeco espresso machines, you'll be Saeco liquid descaler to complete descaling. You can buy it individually or case from the market.

If you've Jura machines, you'll be requiring its descaling tablets. Follow the steps mentioned in the package of the descaler to get done.

Know How To Adjust The Volume Of The Water

The amount of coffee you need for each cup depends on the volume of water used. So if you want to prepare a smaller or larger cup size drink, then you've to adjust the water volume. Apart from cup size, adjusting the water volume will also allow you to change the strength of the coffee.

You've to keep the same amount of coffee grounds, but you can take a smaller cup size for a bolder drink and larger cup size for a milder drink. However, there is some espresso model available that doesn't allow you to select the amount of coffee.

So if you want to control the strength of coffee, you've to do it by adjusting
the water volume.

Clean The Brew Unit Of The Machine Regularly​

The most important part for any espresso machine is its brew unit. It is that part from where the entire working takes place. So that's why it becomes very necessary to clean and care the brewing unit of your system.

Saeco brewing systems come with easily accessible and Removable Brew unit (on the side of the device). With the help of this feature, it becomes extremely easy to clean the brew unit. All you've to do is to slide out the brew unit and clean it gently with the water. We recommend you to get this process done every week.

 Whereas, on the other hand, Jura espresso machines don't have a removable brew unit and it requires
the Jura Cleaning Tablets to perform cleaning. These tablets will clean up the unit and will also make
the running smoothly.

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