Zero water vs brita water filter

According to a survey done by the World Health Organization more than 3.5 million people die because of the water-related disease each year. So now the time demands to have the best water filter, which can make your ground as well as tape water safe to drink.

We are presenting here the two branded water filters namely ZERO WATER FILTER and BRITA WATER FILTER. We will also conclude the article by proving one of the two as the best water filter.

Filter Quality

It is very important to have a look over the filter quality of the model which you are going to buy. One should have a look that it cleans the water and makes it safe for use. Brita is first and one of the most popular brands in home Water filters.

 Brita water filter uses the coconut-based activated carbon with ion exchange resin. It also uses BPA Bisphenol A which removes the taste and smell of chlorine, mercury, zinc, cadmium, copper etc.

On the other hand, Zero Water Filter uses five refined steps to clean your tap water and make it healthy to drink by removing all impurities like zinc, lead etc. The model gives you a good taste and smell of water.

NSF International certifies both the model. However, zero water filter is more easy to use in comparison to Brita filter. As when it comes to removing all the impurities from the contaminated water.

Purification process

Since both, the system gives you pure lead-free water. Zero water filter uses five stages to filter the water and remove all impurities from municipal tap water.

The system acts as reverse Osmosis and exchange of ions takes place which in turn remove the dissolved solids and make it safe to drink. 

  So zero water filter proves to have zero impurities. On the other hand, a Brita water filter uses a 2 stage water filter system. This product is largely popularised because the company's first brand selling started in l988.

Water Filter Pitcher

The pitcher if a water filter should be easy to use, pour and hold. Also, pre-filter should be large enough to fill at least half of the pitcher. Zero water filter and Brita, both can fill half of the pitcher by themselves.

 So here the comparison is invalid. Zero water has an ergonomic experience overall. The handle of the filter is easy to hold and pour and is even more comfortable to hold. Whereas the Brita pitcher is somewhat different.

 The model looks like a simple utilitarian product without many facilities and ergonomic. On the other side, zero water 10 cup pitcher makes it easy to pour water into the glass by having a spout at the bottom. Thoroughly zero water filter is a better option.

Filtering Speed

The comparison holds here to have a look at the time taken by two to get the water. Since it may not be of so much importance as you can say that for having 100% pure water, the model will take more time, and it will be more good in comparison to the other.

 But that's not true enough, as we are living in such a technological and speedy world. Water quality and ergonomics are important but same as this task hold good to compare. And the Brita water filter was the best among all in this feature.

It averaged 40 seconds a cup, faster than any other cup. Zero water filter lacked behind by having just a capacity of 50 seconds to a minute filter.

Taste matters too

Last but the most important and difficult parameter of the water filter is the taste of water, it provides. And we found the results that Brita beats zero water overall in comparison. By clean and pure water, removing dirt and germs, Brita gains the first position. 

 It gives you purified lead and germ-free water and gives you a good taste too!!

So now it's a big question in front of us that which one is best for us and will give a profitable buy. Both have some Favorable argument and vice -versa. Both are NSF certified.

Also, both the models provide recycling program, and it prevents us ending up in a landfill. So by seeing every aspect of the models, zero water pitcher is the best choice, as it uses advanced filtration technology and us overall ergonomic and gives you a productive deal.

 The Brita pitcher is also good but less than zero water. It is less expensive and is less effective in comparison to zero water. Although it purifies water more quickly. So if you want a simple, inexpensive water filter then Brita filter is a good choice. But for having a productive deal, and by spending thousands of dollars you can get the best thing that is ZeroWater.

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